LaTeX for

and people in the humanities

Eduardo Coutinho Lourenço de Lima*

July 18, 2016


Here are my packages. They are also available at CTAN.


or a footnote to Plato

Version: 0.3c

License: lppl

Description: This package supports footnotes and endnotes from separate files. This is achieved with commands \sepfootnotecontent and \sepfootnote; the former defines the content of a note, while the latter typesets that note.

Documentation: pdf


Version: 0.2

License: lppl

Description: This package provides a basic framework for copying and pasting text and commands into and across multiple documents. It replaces the copypaste package.

Documentation: pdf


or the end of anachronism

Version: 0.1

License: lppl

Description: How would you cite a Stephanus page and a line range such as Theaetetus 142d4–5? What about a Bekker page and a line range lovingly known as Ethica Nicomachea 1179b25–29?

Documentation: pdf

*See my home page, and contact. I am very grateful to the LaTeX markup language, the TeX typesetting system, the Linux kernel, the GNU and Debian projects, and the C programming language, as well as to their developers. I should also like to thank the anonymous referee of XHTML 1.0 Strict for validating this paper, and M. Sellhoff for his valuable feedback on sepfootnotes.